Target Skokie Swift


4945 Dempster St. Skokie, IL


The land adjacent to Skokie Swift’s CTA Yellow Line abatement along Dempster Avenue sat vacant, controlled by the Village of Skokie, for almost 2 decades.  While the Village was looking for the perfect user- they also wanted a building that would hold to the street edge of its corner site, while also fitting in with the Skokie Swift commuter station next door.

BlitzLake resolved both issues by developing a project that included a 30,000 square foot building along Dempster Street with a brand new, 80 space surface parking lot behind, as they negotiated a lease with Target Corporation. Each side of the structure is clad in a full-height glass curtainwall, and a projecting steel canopy becomes the primary entrance, allowing equal access from both the sidewalk and the CTA station.  The façade, comprised of glass, brick and cement panels, breaks down the length of the building into smaller segments, which helps provide variation and scale appropriate for its location.  BlitzLake delivered the building to Target Corporation in 2017 and they opened the store the same year.

Architect: Hirsch MPG

General Contractor: DeJames Builders