About Us

By combining our expertise in trading, finance and investment management, we set out to create visionary projects that not only enhance communities but also grow brands and professional relationships.

Along with our pooled financing and development of over seven million square feet of commercial real estate, we have co-founded several businesses and brands and managed their successes from inception to completion. These include Untitled Supper Club in 2012 and Studio Three in 2015 – a first-of-its-kind boutique fitness studio. The Studio Three concept has grown so popular, that it was named a “Top 10 Most Iconic Global Facility” by Destination Luxury and has provided the River North neighborhood and community a unique new place to gather and grow.

With our success we have also cemented relationships with key corporate players to add value to underutilized properties, most notably, the Target Corporation. We negotiated a deal to have Target anchor the corner of one of our trophy projects, Lakeview 3200 in Chicago, and delivered another 33,000 square foot location in Skokie, Illinois soon after.

Our commitment to look beyond brick and mortar has propelled us into a position to launch additional exciting projects in the future. We are poised to continue generating vibrant, innovative projects that challenge the status quo of both fitness and real estate development.


Our team of professionals has assembled an impressive network of business relationships through decades of work in debt and equity financing, real estate development, hospitality operations management, trading, consulting, asset management, investment management, brokerage, construction, and law. We have built and maintained close affiliations with contractors, operators and financiers, which allow us to identify and resolve potential issues before they become problems. With this extensive, industry-wide experience and our constant ability to execute, our team has been involved in the financing and development of over seven million square feet of commercial space valued at over $4 billion.